We cover the whole island and remain flexible to adapt our resources with growing needs’ responding to your alarm in a timely manner with the support of our Central Monitoring Station 24/7.

Our guards in the vehicles are equipped with devices to enable instant reporting to our Central Monitoring Station and to our clients.

We deploy the latest AI aided CCTV system and monitor all suspicious events accordingly to supply our intervention teams with up-to-date and correct information.

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Guarantee / After-Sales Service

Caudan Security Services provides electronic security equipment from world references in the field.

The Company has set up a Customer Service Centre (CSC), with three dedicated Customer Service Agents for the handling of customers’ requests and complaints. The Customer Service Agents also ensure the follow-up once a request/complaint is attended to. In addition to its CSC, which is operational during working hours (08h30 – 16h30), Caudan Security Services provides a 24-hour Alarm Monitoring Centre to attend to any immediate and light technical support regarding the operation of alarm systems. Alarm panels can be “troubleshooted” via computers directly from our Monitoring Centre. The Company also has a 24-hour stand-by technical support for urgent problems requiring immediate attention.

Our qualified technicians holding more than 10 years experience in Electronic Security Equipment, Parking Control, CCTV and Fire Alarm Systems are ready to help you with installation, maintenance and repairs. In order to ensure a level of professionalism, the company has recently developed a policy by liaising directly with the IVTB so as to regularly recruit the best candidates.

All electronic equipment sold by the company is covered by a one-year full warranty excluding consumable parts. A yearly maintenance contract providing for free labour and transport respecting any repairs /technical intervention required by the customer is catered for fire alarm equipment after the first year. Caudan Electronic Systems launched in 2003, provide solutions such as:

  • Alarms Systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Electric Fencing Systems

We evolved over the years in a wide range of security and automation solutions. Our security concepts are designed on the basis of risk reduction and optimizing cost effectiveness.

In our effort to strive for excellence, we are adopting new ways of installation for our Alarm System to align with international standard.

Electronic Systems has gradually found its way to improve and increase business flow in terms of product innovation and new technology. Our aim is to minimize faults on the system and make the alarm system more reliable

Our team consists of more than 30 employees including engineers, qualified technicians, Project Coordinator and experience sales and back office support staffs with more than 10 years’ experience in the security industry.

All our equipment is sourced from authorized distributors and from Manufacturers which are fully warrantied.

Intruder Alarm System

Intruder alarm system monitors and detects unauthorized ingress to properties. They are as well highly effective deterrent for burglars.

We propose and install three types of security alarm systems that are all conform to the current standards and are individually tailored to optimize security protection. In a nutshell, current standards system are, namely, Hybrid (partly Wireless), Wireless & Hard-Wired.

CCTV System

At Caudan Security Services, we are partnering with exclusive CCTV technology manufacturers to offer our full range of products and expertise, hence benefiting our customers with systems and high resolution indoor and outdoor cameras such as IP, Video Analytics and AHD analogue. We provide also:

  • Night image technology through infrared illumination
  • Range of digital video recorders,
  • Mobile connectivity to view images remotely through as phone apps, tablets and web browsers
  • Free security consultation

Fire Detection System

We know the importance of creating the correct fire alarm solution for a business premises. As buildings and business requirements differ, we design for best suited solution from world renown suppliers to minimize loss of stock and assets, reduce damage to property and provide an early warning system for your staff.

The type of system used is often determined by the size of the building and the complexity of the fire strategy within it.

Access Control Systems

Access control equipment can create a safer environment for your business by allowing access only to authorized personnel, whilst also discouraging opportunistic theft.

We supervise and provide access control management to external visitors from simple one-door to multi-door and out-door premises (boom-gate)

Electric Fence

An electrified security fence connected to an alarm system is an essential part of a comprehensive layered security solution for any business premises and to any residential premises

Specialised Solutions

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Committed to delivering excellence at all times, we are always finding ways to exceed our standards in order to provide to our clients the most effective and efficient guarding services possible. As technology progresses, we keep our security processes and procedures aligned with these developments. Our guards are hence always equipped with the latest communications devices that allow the company and the client to be instantly notified of any events occurring on the respective sites.

Most Reliable Dog
Protection Services

Dog unit

Our dogs are deployed under the full control of dog handlers. These guard dogs are provided to our clients for those assignments that require additional support and deterrence. The principal security duties are to make patrolling more thorough and effective.

The new services offered include:

  • Dog breeding and Boarding
  • Dog training and handling with participation of owner

Dog breeding and Boarding

Caudan Security welcomes dogs for sleepovers by reservation.
Our facilities are staffed 24/7 so your dog is never, ever left alone.
We may be called a kennel, but we are not the typical boring dog kennel. We would rather prefer to be referred as a community play centre for dogs. We provide indoor/outdoor play facility with plenty of space for both group exercise and quiet time when needed. One of our animal coaches will spend time with your dog to know him and to pair them in small group for playtime based on a variety of factors including personality, size, and temperament. We provide loving attention and, just like home your dog eats its own food, on its own schedule. We can even provide medical support with your consent.

Dog training and handling with
participation of owner

It’s a whole new world for dog training.

The days of people thinking about training their dog as simply teaching to sit, stay or down are fading. Instead, we are using the power of ever-evolving world of behavioural science to change not only how we teach our dogs, but also how we understand and communicate with them, building lasting bonds based on mutual trust, respect and love instead of pain, fear and intimidation. We make dog training easy and accessible to all. You work directly with a dog trainer aiming to foster a positive relationship between you and your dog. We focus on training people, as much or more as training dogs, so that once you learn to communicate effectively with your dog, you will have the effective tools to be the leader of his/her pact.

Guard Monitoring

Most of our guarding sites are equipped with advanced electronic guard monitoring systems. They inform management of a guard’s movements while on duty through radio signals. The three main aspects of this facility are:

Firstly, to ascertain that scheduled patrols are completed and guards are alert throughout their tours of duty. Secondly, to prove, in retrospect, that the guard did in fact patrol and finally to ensure that supervisors visit each guarding site on a regular basis.

This system, though not requested by the customer, is systematically installed on all major guarding sites to show our commitment in delivering reliable and professional services.

High levels of expertise and continuous years of providing security solutions enable us to assess risks and advise our clients on their threat levels and security requirements.

Our personnel are fully committed in providing our clients with the most effective and efficient service possible, by wearing highly visible and distinctive clothing which creates a reassuring presence on our sites and inspires confidence amongst the clientele.

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Cash in Transit (CIT) Services counts amongst its customers a number of organisations in various sectors of the economy including Commercial Banks, Retail Industry, Automotive and Distribution sectors.

The training program which the CIT personnel is made to follow covers escort walking drill, anti-ambush drill, offensive and defensive drill, self-defence as well as handling and safe usage of pistols and defensive driving techniques.

Only candidates that are of excellent character and with a clean criminal record, that are proved beyond doubt during the screening process, are inducted in our CIT Team.

Our dedicated team holds the (i) Police Private Security Guard Registration Certificate and (ii) Competency Certificate for small firearm. Integrity and Discipline are the pillars of the professional conduct of the CIT crew.

The technical and safety aspects of the company guarantee the effectiveness and the deployment of the armed officers, who are equipped with shock secured cash caddies, single use self-sealing security bags, cross pavement carriers, bullet proof jackets as per international norms.

Services provided by Cash in Transit and ATM Management Services:

Cash in transit:
Money Processing and Banking Deposits
Valuables in Transit
Cash Management Solutions
Intelligent Safes

ATM Services:
Full Custodianship of ATM
ATM Cash Replenishment (cash upload or canister swap)
First Line Maintenance of ATM.
Retained cards and deposit envelope management.
ATM site management.
Assessments and Consultancy

Intelligent Safe

The CacheSYSTEM® Intelligent Safe saves time, boosts productivity, and increases employee security with less cash exposure. It is ideal for cash-intensive businesses that do not require change fund management. The intelligent Safe provides cash security and greater employee accountability through an audit trail that connects each transaction to a registered user. Closing out cash registers is more efficient and deposit preparation is reduced from hours to minutes.

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The Academy offers a comprehensive educational training program of 140 hours hence all our guards are equipped with training technology, expertise and necessary tools. The Training Academy is at the heart of the organization in the sense that all our personnel and trainees should undergo our training courses.

Our belief, our certitude, our faith and our conviction dictate us that the greatest, yet the cheapest tool with which we equip our personnel at all times, is TRAINING. Every guard at Caudan Security, after completing the training program must undergo a written exam before fitting the uniform. We emphasise on a well-trained professional work force to provide our clients with the right personnel having the right skills to deliver the right service.

We have unique facilities comprising of an equipped classroom of 70 m² as well as a tarred training/ parade ground of 3,500 m².

We provide training for
security guards on:

  • Physical Education
  • Security Duties
  • Code of Ethics
  • Discipline
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Legal Aspects of private security
  • Emergency Protocols
  • First Aid and Health Safety Procedures
  • Self-defense
  • Radio and communication protocols

The Training Academy is at the heart of the organization located at the prestigious site of the Headquarters. All newly inducted staff in the operations department have to undergo the basic induction course. Ad hoc training cadres are also conducted at the academy.

To date, the Training Academy has provided training to thousands of security guards. We have achieved an excellent level of professionalism and ensured the development of highly skilled and versatile employees, thus ensuring their realignment and promotion across divisional lines to meet work demands and customer needs.

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