In April 2007, Caudan Security services launched its CIT Department.  In order to meet international standards, we have put into operation a fleet of semi-armoured and secured vehicles, equipped with sophisticated devices such as siren, panic alarm system device with vehicle immobilization in the event of activation, and Global Positioning System to track vehicle movement.

Our GPS devices use on-line tracking on our private radio frequency and are controlled from our Cash-in-Transit Control Room. The technical and safety aspect of the company guarantee the effectiveness of the deployment of the escorting armed officers by providing them with “shock secured cash caddies”, sealed bags, “cross pavement carriers”, appropriate dress and boots, bullet proof jackets and other self protecting equipment as per international norms.

Services Provided by CIT:

  • Cash in transit
  • Money Processing and Reconciliation
  • Valuables in Transit
  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Cash Deposit Systems

Cash In Transit (CIT) Services counts amongst its customers a number of medium to large organizations in the various sectors of the economy including Commercial Banks. The Company’s success has been based inter alia on the quality of service that it offers at competitive prices, the professionalism of its Management and staff and its capacity to adapt to the changing needs of customers and the market.

In line with best practice, our CIT Operators are fully trained with relevant track record in “Cash in transit” operations.

The training program which the CIT personnel is made to follow covers areas like escort walking drill, anti-ambush drill, offensive and defensive drill, self-defense as well as handling and safe usage of pistols.

Only candidates that are of excellent character and with a clean criminal record, that are proved beyond doubt during the screening process, are inducted in our CIT Team.  

Our dedicated team holds the (i) Police Private Security Guard Registration Certificate and (ii) Competency Certificate for small firearm. Integrity and Discipline are the pillars of the professional conduct of the CIT crew.

ATM Services

  • Full Custodianship of ATM
  • ATM Cash Replenishment (cash upload or canister swap)
  • First Line Maintenance of ATM.
  • Retained cards and deposit envelope management.
  • ATM site management.
  • Assessments and Consultancy

In line with its objective to always improve and bring to its customers the best value added services,  Caudan Security Services embarked, in 2011, on a project of setting up a Money processing Centre for the purpose of providing Cash Management & Cash Handling Services  to the local Banking and business community, at large. It is in that perspective that SBV Services, a company engaged in the provision of such services in South Africa was contacted to assist on the project and our processes have accordingly been implemented. Besides being recognized as the market leader in South Africa, SBV was voted by Lloyds of London as one of the top two CIT companies in the world in terms of risk management.

Our ATM Management Services team can handle both on the branch and offsite Automatic Teller Machines (ATM).